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Mr. Hockey® Gordie Howe® is recognized as the greatest all around hockey player in history and one of the world's finest athletes ever. His impact and records are mind bobbling. 6 decades, 32 pro seasons, 2589 career points, 1,071 goals, 29 all-star appearances, all time regular season scoring champ (NHA & WHA combined) all time game winning goal champ, only athlete in the world to play against players in every decade of the pro league's existence (NHL 1920-s to present). 7 time MVP, 6 time scoring champ, led teams to the final championship series round in 15 of his 32 seasons—including winning 6 world championship cups. Remarkably, he was in the top 5 in scoring in the NHL for 20 consecutive seasons—playing in the low scoring, tough original six era dominated by the highest concentration of talent in history. He was the complete player. He could shoot right, left, and play any position and was feared as one of the toughest players in history.

His extraordinary talent, fame and allure helped the NHL to expand by over 350% during his tenure and also spawn a whole new league-- the World Hockey Association. When he retired from the sport he held more records than any team athlete in history
He is the first father in history to play a major sport with not one but two sons professionally for seven years. Gordie came out of retirement in 1973 to team up with the two boys. They won the championship that year with Mr. Hockey® the MVP at the age of 45 and Mark the rookie of the year. He is considered the most durable athlete in history and amazingly he had his best seasons at the age of 41 and 48 years. He retired at age 52 in the NHL as a member of the Hartford Whalers leading the team to the playoffs.

Today, he continues to serve as a role model and ambassador to generations of fans and players alike. He has remained an unblemished sportsman. Humble, sincere, and approachable he has inspired the likes of the great one Wayne Gretzky and the fantastic Bobby Orr. He is a hero to many, an icon of our time. He is and always will be MR Hockey®!.

Colleen Howe, Mrs. Hockey™ a U.S. Hockey Hall of famer is the first woman in history to be honored by a major hockey hall of fame. A true pioneer and trailblazer, since 1953 she has spearheaded their families business interests, fund raising endeavors, and hockey related pursuits with unyielding zeal, innovation and ambition. Presently, she is President of Power Play International, Inc and the founder of the Howe Foundation whose mission is to assist underprivileged children. Mr. And Mrs. Hockey® have helped assist thousands of worthwhile organizations through personal appearances and hands on support. In the past six decades they have generated millions of dollars for innumerable good causes. She is the first woman agent/manager in all of major sports history.

She is the founder of the Detroit junior Redwings the first junior hockey team in the U.S. Her role as a developer and nurturer of youth hockey spanning many decades has impacted thousands of children and families and greatly elevated the growth of the sport. In honor of her efforts, her hometown of Sandusky Michigan has named their new facility the Colleen J. Howe Arena. There is also a new school, “Colleen & Gordie Howe® Middle School” named in their honor located in abbotsford, B.C Canada. Her love for family and friends is intense and she is very proud of their four children: Marty, Mark, Cathy and Dr. Murray Howe. Colleen and Gordie also have 9 terrific grandchildren.